Sunday, 28 September 2014

It's The System That Stinks.

        Workfare schemes are an attack on all the ordinary people of this country. It is a process by which wages are squeezed and corporate profits are increased, they are a further step in creating a sweatshop economy, the corporate dream. Free labour paid a starvation allowance by the state, useing tax payers money, all to help their millionaire buddies. During this period of "austerity", the corporate world has seen their profits go through the roof, while we have seen our wages and benefits go through the floor, not an accident. The world is awash with wealth, the number of billionaires increase almost on a daily basis, yet, across the planet, among the ordinary people, poverty increases on a daily basis. Wealth is being sucked up to the greedy few at an ever increasing rate, workfare is just one of the many methods. Smashing workfare is a necessary step, but only one step, it is the system that is flawed and must be dismantled and a system of fairness, justice and co-operation, that sees to the needs of all our people, built in its place. However, don't expect the political parties or the large organisations like the TUC to help you along that road, it is up to us at grass-roots level to bring this stinking system down.

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