Thursday, 31 March 2016

On My Knees.

       Another beautiful day, took the dream machine round familiar territory, Milton of Campsie area, birth place of Thomas Muir, so that marks it out as somewhere special. The house he grow up in, still stands, it is not far from Milton of Campsie, at Huntershill, just outside Bishopbriggs. However, it is not just Thomas Muir that makes this place stand out in my mind, It was on the main road in Milton of Campsie that I was cycling along approaching a junction, a car was coming the other way and indicated he was turning right, across my path. Although I knew I had right of way, but I don't trust motorists, I eased off to see what he would do, he stopped, so I went on, he then changed his mind and tried to get round in front of me. The result was that I hit his back door, rolled over the roof of his car and slide down over his boot and landed on my knees behind the car. It was my old steel framed bike, so no damage there, but one of my knees was rather swollen, so it was off the bike for a few weeks. He did give me a lift home, ah, the camaraderie of the open road open road.

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  1. I'm glad your red horse has not been damaged and I hope that soon your knee recovers.

    Greetings, comrade.

  2. Thanks for the sympathy, however the story of my encounter with the stupid driver was some years ago, when I used to ride an light weight steel framed bike, I shudder to think what would have happened if it had been recently while riding my carbon fibre dream machine.

    1. I thought it was present. That's what happens when you do not know a language.

  3. You know my language better than I know yours.

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