Saturday, 9 May 2020


         Anarchist believe in the dignity of all people, each individual is unique, and must be allowed to live their life without exploitation, degradation, or physical abuse, as long as they behave likewise with others. No ordinary person should walk in fear, fear to be alone on the street at night, nor should they be expected to take insults nor unwanted touching. Unfortunately in our society their are those who don't see it that way, especially when it comes to women. They all too often see them as prey, play things, pretty adornments, an object to be leered at, and women are expected to accept insulting remarks at the whim of some deranged male.
       So I was delighted to see this post from Athens and hope that there is a similar action being organised here and elsewhere. End this abuse now.
 The following from Act For Freedom Now:
May 9, 2020, Athens,Greece: Patience is over. There will be no more excuses. No more apologies. Dead catcallers can’t catcall by Angry girls in the city who are done with this bullshit.
      Patience is over. There will be no more excuses. No more apologies. Dead catcallers can’t catcall.
       The last two months have brought drastic change. The coming conflict in our space brings new threats to our existence as anarchists and as human beings. The womxn’s place is on the streets, in the squares, at the barricades. This is unquestionable.
      Every womxn should be safe to drink beers in platia, to walk home late at night, to wear whatever we want and do whatever we like without unwanted attention from predatory men, without having to look over our shoulders when we walk home or wait to close our front doors, to make sure no one comes in behind us. The patriarchy in all its ugly forms has no place on our streets and the moment it appears it will be crushed. No more politeness.
      The harassment of womxn is not a cultural tradition. Catcalling is wrong and disgusting in every country and saying otherwise is misogynistic and racist. Womxn from every country will not stand for this abuse.
      Catcalling will not be tolerated. No one will harass women in Exarcheia ever again and if they dare to they will face immediate and violent consequences. Everyone is responsible for making sure the city is a safe place for girls and womxn. If we see a car slowing down to creep on a womxn walking at night, we won’t stand. We must intervene. If we see someone harassing a womxn, we must be vocal, be violent if necessary, let them know they are not welcome in our world and make sure they don’t come back. Solidarity is our weapon.
     In solidarity we call for support for the Women’s demonstration of rage in Kypseli at 9pm.
     We are not jewellery. We are not pretty things to be looked at or touched. You have no right to our bodies or our minds though we have every right to punch you or throw a rock at your nice car, if you piss us off just one more time.

You have been warned

Angry girls in the city who are done with this bullshit.
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