Monday, 18 May 2020

Open Door!!

      Since this covid19 pandemic I, like lots of others, have been reading articles on how we should tackle it and the problems that it has thrown up in the running of this society. What I find very disappointing is that a tremendous amount of articles, even some from the so called "left", keep advocating what the government should be doing and how it can solve this problem better than it seems to be doing at present. It seems to be impossible for some people to think and act outside the the rule book they have been handed, and they also fail to realise that the government and the large corporations are one and the same thing. To discuss how the government can solve this problem in favour of the ordinary people, is a bit like asking you gaoler to help you escape.
      To me the first step is to throw away the rule book which is based on a growing economy, stop playing the game to their rules. All solutions to our problems must be human based, not corporate balance sheet orientated. The present economic model is there to serve the millionaire/billionaire parasite class, why should we, the ordinary people, do anything to preserve such an unequal exploitative system. Let's not forget, all that money that is being thrown at big multi billion pound corporate businesses is your tax money. One way or another we will be asked to pick up the bill. Our future will be tied that that mountain of "debt" for generations to come with the resulting austerity demanded to reduce the debt and balance the books. You've heard it all before.

I need a taxpayer's bailout to keep this thing going. 
     Our answer lies not in getting the economy growing again, but bring it crashing down. What we need we should be the owners of that production and the distributors, and doing it for our selves and our communities, not shoveling the wealth we produce into the coffers of that millionaire/billionaire parasite class that grow fat off your effort and sweat.
      Sustainability, human needs based, mutual aid, co-operation between communities, taking control of our work places and distribution centres, and free from the profit motive, are the only foundation stones of a truly civilised society. Anything else is walking back into your cell when the door was open to leave.
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