Sunday, 10 May 2020

Let's Think.

        We are certainly living through a time of unprecedented problems and unknown outcomes, nobody knows the final outcome in any detail. There are plans by the powers that be to rescue their sinking rat infested ship and continue on the journey of planet plunder. Among the public there must be plans to forever free themselves from this voyage of disaster. How will the new world form, what shape will it take, well that depends on the planners, and the people must guarantee that they are the planners of that new world, or they will sink with that old rat infested ship of the past.
      The following is an extract from an article made up of extracts from letters from a comrade in a Spanish gaol.
       This from Act For Freedom Now:
     The other day I saw an astonishing (or maybe not) story on TV: a Portuguese TV channel (TVI) was giving «news» of a hospice… all of a sudden this «team» of cameramen realize that an old lady is trying to escape from the back by removing a fence… What did the «journalists» who were «informing» (in alarmist tones) about the drama unfolding inside there do? Call the carers to lock up the old lady again! The moral of the story is very simple: there is no empathy and/or sympathy towards the old person looking for freedom, the possibility of a life, no. The drama is for those who stay stuck to their television set, it is the objectivity and rigour of information… then they pull out their phone and become snitches so that the presumed «infected-old lady» threatening «our» safety is recaptured: the victim is a criminal! So… I sympathized with the old lady and wished the worst death to these snitches.
    (…) I’m very curious to see how people will react after this forced imprisonment, how the economy will be, how people will relate to one another, exactly. Will the European invention survive? Will the borders be opened? Will planes come back to sail the skies from one place to another? If unemployment is to be as massive as expected, what will people do? What will the «effects» of forced coexistence be? These are questions that really arouse my interest and curiosity. I also wonder up to what point and for how long «citizens» will be prepared to remain in compulsory «quarantine».

4th April
       (…) I’m looking at (and analysing) the regime «news» concerning the serum tests they are proposing to do (or are doing directly) in countries such as Germany, England, France, Italy, the United States and China to find out which people are immune to the virus. All this is showing us how the new liberal market is already selecting the «most suitable» workforce… this global «emergency» has given States and capital a huge quantity of «private» data concerning their «citizens» and customers… so now these will experience on their own skin what it means to be under a high surveillance regime such as F.I.E.S., in first grade, second grade and/or open regime. All day long, uniforms everywhere: police, soldiers and jailers; controllers and bankers… (…) and anyway the «quarantine» experience has already prepared them for their entrance into «live-prisons»: locked up and with no rights; watched over and with no «control» over their lives.

Now that we are all prisoners

Now that we are all prisoners we know what it is to feel longing, to hate and to love…

To feel longing for walking under the sky with the sea breaking against the rocks.

To feel longing for meeting up with friends and being able to hug them.

To feel longing for the loves we adore kissing.

To feel longing for everything they don’t let us enjoy today.

Now that we are all prisoners we know what it is to hate…

To hate monotony and the boring conversations we can’t escape from.

To hate the septic imprisonment that limits and suffocates our freedom.

To hate the days and nights that follow on from one another like that, without anything else.

To hate the selfish behaviour of others, which alone we can’t avoid.

Now that we are all prisoners we know what it is to love…

To love nature that allows us to breathe.

To love intelligence that invites us to dream.

To love sensitivity that makes us enjoy.

To love the freedom to be and to stay.

Now that we are all prisoners: it’s time to think…
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