Monday, 4 May 2020

Now What?

    May Day 2020 passed, the celebrations are over, what now? Do we plan for next May Day 2021, and more celebrations, or do move on that spirit of May Day solidarity, and change tomorrow to our desires, to our better world for all. Or do we just knuckle down and get back to the normal of the parasite class that has, is, and will continue to, screw us and destroy the planet, our only life support system? There never has been a greater opportunity for a world wide drive to take control of our lives and change society to one that caters for all our needs excluding nobody. World wide we are all aware of and involved in the pandemic and how it showed up the glaring weaknesses in this corrupt system of inequality, what are we going to do about it. If we let this opportunity pass, what then? It can also be an opportunity for the parasite class to tighten its grip on our lives, to march forward on its plundering and destructive path, it is up to us. As far as the planet is concerned we don't have a lot of time to stop the terminal rot, the destruction of the system that is destroying our planet is the only real answer to our problems.
The following from SubMedia:
       This May Day finds us at an important historic crossroads. Amidst a global pandemic, this year the streets will be eerily silent as people forgo the marches, rallies and riots that are the annual rituals of international workers day. But while the streets may be calm, the class war rages on. Wildcat strikes are popping off among 'essential workers' who two months ago were seen as some of the lowest, most precarious participants of the gig economy. Prison uprisings are breaking out around the world at an unprecedented rate. And millions of tenants are withholding their rent in what could become the first global rent strike in history. These are interesting times. Stay safe. Get organized. Fight hard. Happy May Day.

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