Wednesday, 6 May 2020

UK, Leaders Again!

      So Britain does it again, once more we lead Europe, we have overtaken Italy, the previous leader in covid19 deaths, well done Boris. The UK now has the highest covid19 death rate in Europe, the second highest in the world behind America. Still our callous inept political ballerinas tell us they are doing a good job, make excuses if you try to compare us with Italy, we have more large densely populated cities than Italy, etc.. Then what about Germany, France and Spain, I suppose they'll also come up with excuses there for us out striping them in this tragic league of death and misery. 

    How well they are doing can be seen in a recent report covered by the BBC. 48% of hospital doctors stated that they had to purchase protective equipment for them selves and staff or rely on donations, 50% of GPs stated the same story. When asked why they hadn't raised this matter of shortages of equipment, medicines and staff more loudly with the government, their common reply was, "They didn't think it would do any good"
   This bunch of crass inept ideologists still boast of how well the have managed the situation, yet here we are months into the pandemic with deaths appearing to diminish, and we are still hearing of failure to meet testing targets, hospitals and GPs still short of staff and PPE, and care homes and prisons being hotbeds of infection. 
     They also make the claim that they are following the science, this is utter rubbish. Science in this pandemic is forever changing and is a many faceted discipline, it is a political decision to pick up one thread and ignore all the other experts in the field, and there have been many experts who have criticised this governments handling of the situation. 
    All this would be considered the usual political bungling of pushing party ideology, but we are dealing with human lives, pursuing policies that have resulted in thousands more deaths than there need have been. This can only be considered as nothing less than criminal, and the crime is death of innocent people, death by deliberate policies by inept politicians. Those responsible must be held to account. This is not about whether or not to build a railway, or a second runway, this is about taking the life of family members. It is unforgivable and must not be put down to just one of those things that happen. The dead and their families deserve justice, not platitudes and bumbling phony briefings by inept callous political ballerinas.
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