Monday, 11 May 2020

Virus Or Hunger?

       What is worse than the covid19? The fear of hunger in isolation. The people of Lebanon have taken that view and have resumed their desire for real change back onto the streets. Not in a foolish haphazard manner but in thought out rational fashion. To them enough is enough, how long before the rest of the world says the same. A draconian world of isolation, control and hunger, or fight to regain control of their lives and end the authoritarian corrupt regime that shackles people across the world, virus or hunger is no choice. We demand more and we will have it without your consent.  Of course the last thing the state wants is for you to decide how you will live your life, they see that as their prerogative and will enforce their view with savage brutality, expect no less.

The following from Enough is Enough:
Chronicles from Lebanon's Revolution:
      Lebanon. Since October 17, 2019, Lebanon has been living at the rhythm of an uprising targeting both the political class and a moribund economic regime. As elsewhere, the spread of the virus and the health emergency measures first put an end to the contestation. On March 21, Megaphone media released a video titled “Tripoli: Expect to Meet Us After the Corona.” (Watch video below) The extreme deterioration of the economic situation and the total lack of resources encountered by a large number of inhabitants following confinement have finally advanced this prognosis. Despite a quarantine in effect until the 10th of May, movements are taking to the streets, and once again targeting banks that are crystallising discontent. And again, the city of Tripoli has occupied a unique place, and this since the beginning of the uprising. On April 27, the army, which is actively involved in the repression, killed a young man, Fawaz Fouad Samman, whose death only increased popular anger.
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