Sunday, 3 May 2020

Savage State.

        The state has many ways of bludgeoning its enemies, from the subtle to the down right brutal. We should never fail to bring to public notice any of these repressive inhumanities, they should never be allowed to do their savagery away from the gaze of the public eye. Their brutality must become common knowledge, so that we can put an end to this authoritarian inhumane total disregard for human life and dignity.

     The case posted below is from Greece, but around the globe these acts of callous brutal inhumanity are common place in state after state, part and parcel of this system of protecting the powerful and wealthy parasite class, and the inequality of the status-quo.

The following from Act For Freedom Now:
        Letter of Vasilis Dimakis, dated 27/4/2020, Grevena prison, Greece -Statement of hunger and thirst strike

     “As of today, Monday 27/04/2020 and, after officially six days of hunger strike, since I have not accepted food from the moment of my violent transfer-abduction from Korydallos prison, headed for Grevena prison on Thursday 16/4, and weighing 62kg, I am going on thirst strike, claiming and trying to protect what I have painstakingly achieved until today, that is my dignified presence and studentship in the EKPA higher education community, as a student of the Department for Political Science and Public Management of the University of Athens. And I have done this under grave conditions, since studying in incarceration is effectively a great feat.
     I am demanding from my wannabe executioners, who arbitrarily and provocatively ordered my transfer, and also enforced the cessation of my studies, to act in a humane way, not driven by base motives, as should be fitting to any democratic citizen, before it is too late, to order my transfer back to my cell in Korydallos prison where all my notes and books are, so that I complete, without any more tricks and obstacles, my so far dignified course in education, so that I can ‘meet’ my future once again.
       It is impossible for me to accept without question the order that came without cause or reason, by some responsible who decided this transfer, interrupting in this way the studies and future of a human being! I inform you, who decided for me without me, that my will to study is so powerful, that is first of all touches my heart and then my dignity, not allowing me to make any discounts on the part that concerns my education!
       For this reason I place my body as a trench, for the second time, and facing serious risk to my health, because for me dignity has more value than life itself!
Fully conscious of the risks involved for my health and my existence, I kindly ask the medical staff of Grevena prison, in case of any complications (fainting, cardiac episode), that they do not medicate me or try to resuscitate me, as this would mean an added violence against my life. I consider that with this statement I absolve the medical staff of the prison and of any other health provider, from any legal responsibilities in case of a deteriorating course to my health.
With regards, prisoner Dimakis Vasilis on hunger and thirst strike.”

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