Thursday, 14 May 2020

New Normal!!

       I hope the public are alive to the possible outcomes of the legislation being put in place and experimented with by the establishment. They are not thinking of your welfare, they are not taking care of you, they are doing their best to protect the business world, the millionaire/billionaire/shareholders that is where the bulk of taxpayers money is going, yes there is a spin off and we get some wage support, but that is to keep their partners and shareholders afloat, and to placate public anger from spilling over.   
     They are putting in place a world where congregating in numbers will be limited and controlled, social distancing will be the norm, total surveillance will be a way of life. Let's not sleepwalk quietly into the new advanced 21st century Orwellian world, let's not blindly accept that the state knows best and will protect you. It is a state controlled world once entered, it will be extremely difficult to exit.
The following is an extract from Acorn:   

 No to the "New Normal"
        Looking beyond the immediate measures being taken to “control the virus”, there is also criticism of the “new normal” which seems to be on its way, a post-coronavirus world of “biosecurity” and virtual “connectivity” which looks very much like the beginnings of a nightmare high-tech dystopia.
             Among the details of this “new normal” now emerging are “terrifying” plans for a mobile phone app that tracks people to check if they have been in contact with someone testing positive for the virus – initially optional, this may become obligatory in the post-crisis smart-fascist world.
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