Friday, 15 May 2020

Leaving Sweetener.

      Have you ever thought of walking away from your job with immediate effect, then thought of the financial strain you might be under? Well it seems that some firms treat those who do so rather nicely. This morning I read about a guy who did just that, after just two years in the job. He had been working from home and for some reason or other, decided to leave with immediate effect. However, he doesn't need to worry too much about his financial state, his firm has treated him very nicely.  
      He has been put on "garden" leave until the middle of August, during which period he will receive full salary and benefits. At the end of his "garden" leave, he will be given the sum of the equivalent of nine months salary in lieu of working his notice, giving him another tidy little sum of £480,000. His company has also agreed to give him £50,000 towards his legal fees incurred relating to his departure, and a further little sum of £25,000 towards "outplacement support" 

      Now that's what I call a nice way to depart your job. However I wouldn't rush for the door just yet, you see he happens to be Rico Back, head of Royal Mail, think of how many stamps you had to buy to pay him that little cushion. They certainly know how to treat their own. Just remember, we are all in this together, and other bullshit platitudes.
        I don't suppose they'll receive the same treatment as Rico, but then again, they're not leaving, they are being pushed out the door.
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  1. This story of Rico reminded me of this short video by Michael Parenti:

  2. Rico means wealthy in Spanish.

  3. Good morning,

    One more example:

    2. WHILE DEMONIZING GOVERNMENT LARGESS, GINGRICH POURED MORE FEDERAL MONEY INTO HIS DISTRICT THAN ALMOST ANY OTHER: The politics of the mid-1990’s was marked by the right’s attempt to decimate the social safety net. As Gingrich waged his campaign to destroy unemployment insurance and aid for needy families, he made his own district the recipient of huge amounts of federal aid. Under Gingrich, his district in Cobb County, GA received more “federal subsidies than any suburban county in the country, with two exceptions: Arlington Virginia, effectively part of the Federal Government, and Brevard County Florida, the home of the Kennedy Space Center.”