Thursday, 21 May 2020

Scrap Normal.

       Now that the minders of the large corporations, the state, have decided that you the ordinary people should get back to work, as their buddies tills haven't been ring much over the last few months, it is time we all done some real serious thinking. Most of you will be obliged to use public transport, those who dictate the return will not. Are you positive that your boss will have in place all the necessary safety precautions for your well being and good health? Of course not, so why rush back? The only reason you are being urged to get back to work is to save the shareholders from losing any more money. They don't give a damn if you die or carry the infection into your home and loved ones. The economy is more important to them that your well being. Let the tills stay silent, let the shareholders sweat as their little world of profit and exploitation dwindles.
       Over the last couple of months you have got used to not rushing to the shops to buy their very latest crap, only to be told in a few months that it is now out of date and you need to up date.
     There are so many unknowns in this rush to feed the shareholders. Let's assume you go to a clothes/shoe shop, you wish to try on some of those clothes/shoes. You go to the fitting room, has it been properly disinfected since that last person used it? The clothes you are about to try on, how many people have tried them on before you? Are you willing to take that chance for some sweatshop created item? Public transport, even with social distancing, that seat you sit on, was it disinfected since the last few people sat on it. Remember hard surfaces hold the virus for days, handrails etc.. People will be entering and leaving hundreds of times on each journey, you'll have no idea what surfaces they handled and whither or not they carried the infection.
     For you own and family and loved ones safety, tell them you're not interested in saving their greed driven economy at a risk to you and your family. Concentrate on mutual aid, and taking control of your communities and work places. We can run this country better without the parasite money class and their profit orientated, planet destroying, ideology.

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