Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Let's Hear You.

       Everybody should by now be aware that the reason the UK has more deaths from the coronavirus pandemic, than most countries in the world, was simply due to Neo-Liberal policies, orchestrated austerity to suit the financial Mafia, gross ineptitude of the government for more that a decade. The evidence is everywhere, hospitals with staff shortages, equipment shortages, shambles of a testing program, neglect of care homes, and an unbelievable chaotic system of ordering essential PPE. All this adds up to dereliction of duty resulting in untold misery and avoidable deaths, especially among the poor and vulnerable.
       I received the following from a very reliable source, for obvious reason wishing to remain anonymous. Whistle blowers can and do receive a forceful backlash from the powers that be. Front line workers are supposed to be submissive and keep silent, the opposite should be the case. Let's hear your voice.
News from the Front Line.

      As an front line NHS worker who was unfortunate enough to catch the Covid19 virus and was laid low for 4 weeks, it became obvious that the continued cuts to public health and social care over the last three decades was beginning to take its toll on the population.
      This coupled with over a decade of Tory “austerity” cuts has devastated the vulnerable, the poor and the elderly.
      The total unpreparedness of the NHS to deal with an emergency has been highlighted by the outbreak of the corona virus and the chronic under-funding of public health and social care departments has meant that staff in all sectors have been put in an impossible position of trying to care for patients and clients without the benefit of protective equipment or a lot of personal equipment that was out of date.
     And while the virus tore through the elderly in care homes (the vast majority now privatised after Thatcher’s “Care in the Community” programme, putting private profit before public health) Boris and co. sat on their collective hands, and did nothing.
     The crocodile tears of the Tory government, who don’t forget had voted and CHEERED last year about not giving public sectors a wage increase in England, beggars’ belief. Their hypocrisy of Clapping for the NHS is an absolute disgrace as they have been part of a government Cabal since the 1980s to run down Social Security and destabilise the NHS for privatisation.
     When the threat of the virus has finally taken its toll on our poorer and most vulnerable, lets again take to the streets and tell them hands off of our NHS and lay the foundations down to control our workplaces and communities.

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  1. I spoke to a biologist today, a friend of mine who works in Manchester, and she assured me that it was impossible to find a simple mask in pharmacies. Something truly incredible. In Spain it is easy to dispose of them without limit and at a price established by the government.