Friday, 22 May 2020

Organise Now.

       Now that our lords and masters believe that they have got you all eager to get back to get their tills ringing again, their thoughts are shifting. They and their partners the financial Mafia are now turning their thoughts to how you will pay for all those billions borrowed and given, to their corporate friends to keep them afloat.
     If you all opt for returning to "normal" then you are in for a very nasty shock. If you think that the last 12 years of austerity was brutal in stripping down the NHS and social services, well you ain't seen nothing yet. The amount that the government borrowed in 2008 from the financial Mafia simply disappears into insignificance compared to what they have borrowed this time round. Make no doubt about it, the financial Mafia will demand their money back, and you and I will have to pick up the tab, just like the last time. 
    A little taster of what could be on the cards is what the Egyptian Government is implementing. They are taking 1% off everybody's salary and 1/2% off all pensions, that's just for starters. We can expect similar plans here, plus what they call "cutting Government spending" this will be savage slashing of social services and NHS spending, stopping any pay increases to public sector workers, increased privatisation to rise cash, good by public libraries, hello private library. It is difficult to get inside their money infested minds, but rest assured they will have plans you never thought of to get every penny of your tax payments into their coffers and making sure it is not spent on the general public, despite it being your money.
    This is what to expect if we are foolish enough to go back to their "normal". Surely we have learnt something from this pandemic, the state system and capitalism doesn't work for the benefit of the people. It is a failed system in creating a decent society for all. We turned to mutual aid during this crisis, as it was the only way for many of us to survive and it worked. We have to continue this success by bring it into our mainstream lives. What we mustn't do is run back to the dependency system of perpetual growth and consumerism while grafting to make the tills of the parasite class ring faster.

      Organise within your communities on those foundations of mutual aid and skill sharing, organise to take control of all necessary working spaces, and distribution centres, organise to share between communities. Free ourselves from the corporate greed machine and its profit motive that has shackled us for generations, and is destroying our planet. The decisions have to be made now, next month or next week could be too late. Remember, they are organised, but not for your well being.
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