Thursday, 7 May 2020

Now Or Never.

          We have now been in lockdown for couple of months, and there is talk of our lords and masters allowing a gradual "opening up" of society, a sort of parole for the public. I believe now is the time to take a very close look at where we have been, what has really happened and where do we go from here.         
       As expected the state has taken full advantage of the situation and with one fell swoop, has moulded us into a submissive population, sitting waiting for our next instructions as to how we should live our lives. They have introduced legislation that makes it easier for them to govern us, and rest assure these will be built into any future they have in mind. They have managed to create that imaginary connection between us, the state, and the economy, we are all one now, we have to go back to get the economy growing again. 

        We will be instructed to go back to work, not because they can guarantee our safety, but because they need us to start again to generate wealth for the shareholders. The "money tree" has already appeared, taxpayers money will be lavished on businesses to "keep them afloat", forgetting that for more than ten years there was no money for the NHS or our social services. Keeping the shareholders happy is more important that the health and well-being of the people, in their plans, that will not change.

         We will be expected to forget that their relentless drive for an ever growing economy was responsible for gross inequality, abject poverty for millions and the destruction of our planet. We will be expected to fall into line as it will save jobs, as if jobs were sacred to their philosophy, when they cast aside countless workers to increase profit. Virgin Atlantic is casting over 3,000 workers aside, Ryanair is dropping over 3,000 workers from its payroll, and those that it keeps are being told they will have to take a pay cut. You are fodder for their greed machine. Is that the road we wish to follow?
        We all know we can create a fairer world, we are already laying the foundations in our variety of mutual aid projects, people and communities coming together to help each other without the profit motive. This can be built on and expanded, community swap shops, community skill sharing projects, etc. I suppose we can thank the pandemic legislation for showing us we can live without running out to buy their crap and focus more on what we need,  

         Which world are we going to focus on, their, back to work to grow the economy and feed the parasite shareholder class, or one based on co-operation, communities, the needs of the people, workers' controlled workplaces and distribution services, all freed from the profit motive and built on sustainability. 

          We have to make that decision now, those in power have already chosen their plan for our future, and it will, as it has always done in the past, benefit the wealthy and powerful at the expense of the many. It's our choice, and it may be our last chance.
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