Friday, 8 May 2020

Next Step.

    We appear to be slowly moving out of this pandemic, though far from there yet. Let's hope that we continue that path and our bumbling inept crew that are steering the ship, in their haste to get us back to creating wealth for them, don't screw it all up again. Though we can help there, by simply refusing to go back into any situation we deem to be unsafe. Our lives and those of our families and friends are worth away lot more than the value of parasite's shares.
      As we are slowing coming out of this disastrously handled crisis, we should be thinking of where we go from here, certainly not back to the exploitation, greed and inequality that we have experienced for generations. So to perhaps tempt you to think of an alternative that will work, I have lifted this article from one of my other blogs. Think about it, and you'll see it makes sense.

Freedom and Equality
       Fundamentally, anarchism is the struggle for freedom. Freedom from rulers and corporations who dominate our lives and are destroying our earth. Freedom for workers, women, and all oppressed people in all parts of the world. We believe that this sort of freedom can only be achieved together with equality and a fair distribution of resources.
Individual and Collective
        Anarchists believe in the inherent dignity and humanity of the individual. But this dignity and humanity can only be fully realised in a co-operative, egalitarian society. This is why we are in favour of working together collectively and being organised. It is incorrect to equate anarchism with individualism or chaos.
       Anarchists understand that this truly free and equal society can only be achieved through revolution – meaning a complete transformation of society. This society cannot be ‘given’ to the people by politicians or bureaucrats. It must be built by people from below.
Change by Direct Action
        Anarchism opposes the violence which is an integral part of capitalism and the state (this violence comes in many forms: war, patriarchy etc.). We believe that means shape ends – in other words, the way we struggle will shape the outcome of the struggle. This is also why we do not support the seizure of State power by authoritarian political parties. However, anarchists do believe in direct action – action taken by everyday people to address the power imbalance in present day society. This includes strikes, boycott’s, work-to-rule’s and occupations.
The Past
       Both authoritarian communism (as in Russia, China etc.) and ‘labourism’ (ie. The labour parties of the world), have failed to solve our global crisis. We need a different path to a better world. Anarchism offers itself as a guide on that path.
It's there, waiting for us to take those steps that are necessary to get us there.

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