Wednesday, 28 September 2016

A Beast Of A Wind.

         Managed out three times on the bike in the last week, Wednesday it was the Campsie area, not a bad day, Thursday it was the Aberfoyle direction, a bit on the windy side, but good to be out. Yesterday, Tuesday, it was  a zigzag through the Auchenreoch, Milton of Campsie, Low Moss area, always depressing passing the prison. As you may have noted, Tuesday was a beast of a wind, 18/20 mph and gusting higher in places, it made we work hard, but loved every minute. The photos are from Thursday's run, one from Glengoyne, known for its single malt whisky, looking north towards the might Ben Lomond. The other is from a spot near where Killearn Hospital used to stand, looking at Dumgoyne. A favourite for hill walkers, not very high, but a steep ascent all the way. The Killearn Hospital, long since gone, was built well into the countryside far away from the city pollution, as they specialised in brain surgery.
From Glengoyne looking towards Ben Lomond
From the Killearn area looking at Dumgoyne. 
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  1. Thank you, once again, for so beautiful and illustrative images of Scotland.