Monday, 19 September 2016

For Your Health, Or For Profit?

       At the back of every thinking person's mind must be the thought that "Big Pharma" is poisoning us and slowly killing us with a cocktail of drugs, just for profit. Controversy rages about most of the drugs in regular use, recently the ongoing argument about statins has been reignited with continual disagreements between "experts" in that field. Who do we believe, how many "experts" are under the wing of "Big Pharma", how many are swayed by the same propaganda that we face? When "experts" in their field can't agree how do we form our decisions? It is not just statins that are under this cloud of, for profit, or for the health of people equation.
Recently Alzheimer’s support groups all around the nation have been marketing a documentary about country singer Glen Campbell who has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease (of unknown etiology) despite the obvious fact that Campbell was infamous for his chronic heavy use of brain-damaging, dementia-inducing, addictive, and very neurotoxic drugs like cocaine and alcohol. And, just like so many other hard-living celebrities like the (now cured) dementia victim Kris Kristofferson and the suicidal and early dementia victim Robin Williams. All three celebrities were known to have received prescriptions for legal neurotoxic brain-altering drugs, adding to the burdens that their failing brains, livers and psyches had to endure. It is highly likely that all three of them were also on statins and were up-to-date on their mercury and aluminum-containing vaccinations.
It is an established fact that Alzheimer’s disease can only be definitively diagnosed at a post-mortem examination of the cerebral cortex, something that dementia patients are almost never subjected to. Because of the rarity of coroners doing autopsies on dementia patients, we have to question the accuracy of the diagnoses of, for example, the still living Glen Campbell, Kris Kristofferson and our own memory-impaired spouses, aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas, especially since so many of them have been on neurotoxic substances such as those mentioned in this article.
And we also have to question the motivations of the Big Pharma corporations that financially underwrite patient support groups like the Alzheimer’s Association. AND, equally importantly, given the total lack of recognition of the reality of drug-induced dementia, we have to question to oft-cited assertion that 2/3 of all dementia cases are because of Alzheimer’s disease (of unknown cause).
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  1. It is unlikely that the same monster that causes our problems (capitalism), will be the one that provides us the remedies to these evils. The question is the life we lead, the life we are forced to wear foolishly.