Sunday, 18 September 2016

Mutual Aid Or Extinction

       That cornerstone of anarchism, mutual aid, a very natural attitude in humans, hindered, thwarted, stifled and denied under the rules of capitalism.  However, it is also necessary for us to solve the problems that humanity face today, and in all probability, our only chance of survival. Capitalism creates poverty for the many, widens inequality and rapes the planet in search for resources to exploit for profit for the few. Mutual aid benefits all who participate and wider afield. If we continue with capitalism, we will continue with the injustice, inequality, poverty and an ever increasing myriad of wars and other "crises", the end product being a ravished environment and a high possibility of species extinction. It seems such a simple choice, it is odd that we don't grasp it with both hands and enthusiasm. Capitalism must go, it must be seen as humanity's darkest hour, it must be destroyed and written into the history books as a precautionary lesson for future generations. We are capable of helping one and other, we enjoy doing so, we have the ability and the resources, we are capable of creating that society where the foundations are mutual aid, co-operation, free association, sustainability, seeing to the needs of all our people, and the environment we depend on for survival.

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