Thursday, 8 September 2016

Freedom Will Blossom In The Ashes Of The Prisons.

       Tomorrow, September 9th. is the start of the American prison strike, those inside and out side prisons across the world should show solidarity with this brave attempt at highlighting the brutal exploitation taking place in prisons across the globe. In America, prisons are more than an attempt to crush resistance, prisons are massive slave labour camps run by powerful corporations, recruiting, solely for profit, from the poorest and most vulnerable sections of society.  
        Another example of the state's vindictiveness, this time from Greece. You are in prison, you try to escape and fail, what do you think would be the response of a supposed civilised European state? Perhaps a spell of solitary confinement, higher security? Well the Greek judicial system thinks 110 years extra each, is merited. Is there any way this can be labelled as "justice". Just another example of how the state uses prisons in its attempt to crush any resistance to its monopoly on power. At least one person showed their contempt for this savage attempt by the state at crushing dissent.
       On the 30th of August Alfredo damaged the glass partition windows of the interview room in the high surveillance section of Ferrara prison in solidarity with the prisoners of the CCF who were recently sentenced to more than a hundred years in prison for an attempted escape.
       Today August 30 almost 4 years since my arrest I wanted to celebrate the anniversary with the destruction of the interview room window panels. This action is my contribution of revolutionary solidarity with my brothers and sister of the CCF-FAI-FRI who were condemned by yet another judicial process and sentenced to 110 years each for a failed escape attempt. The anarchist prisoner is not a flag, nor must we build a monument around them, sometimes they are a piece of our heart, sometimes not… nevertheless they continue to struggle, to live… not to be remembered, but wanting revenge, freedom, but ultimately they may also be alone because by nature they do not belong to any flock…
Long live FAI-FRI
Long live CCF
via Croce Nera Anarchica, translated by Insurrection News
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