Thursday, 29 September 2016

I Am The Owner Of Everything.

Labourers after dinner, artist JM Johnstone, 1895.
        Poetry is a wonderful way to speak the truth, to express emotion, to paint a picture, to say so much without filling pages and pages, it is that halfway place between conversation and music. On the same theme as a previous post, for those who don't read the comments, I believe this is worthy of repeating, thanks Loam.
I am the owner of everything

I am the owner of everything,
but I never got anything.
I make light and I make fire,
I push the wind and the water.

My hands to the wood
They make it do wonders.
I'm the one who tempers the steel
and who casts the seed.

I make the chair and the table
and I have no where to sit.
Finally, I dont even have
the right to get tired.

I do palaces, and my children
sleep in tin shacks.
I am hammer, ax and tong,
clip, spoon and hoe.

I am the owner of everything
but I never got anything.
The day I say enough!,
flares will burn!
                                                               - Horacio Guarany

Original version:
Yo soy el dueño de todo

Yo soy el dueño de todo,
pero nunca tengo nada.
Yo hago la luz, hago el fuego,
hago el viento y hago el agua.

Mis manos a la madera
le hacen hacer maravillas.
Yo soy quien tiempla el acero
y quien echa la semilla.

Yo hago la silla y la mesa
y no tengo ’onde sentarme.
Total, si ya no me queda
ni el derecho de cansarme.

Yo hago el palacio, y mis hijos
duermen en ranchos de lata.
Soy martillo, hacha, tenaza,
pinza, cuchara y azada.

Yo soy el dueño de todo
pero nunca tengo nada.
¡El día que yo me canse,
van a arder las llamaradas!
                                                   - Horacio Guarany
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  1. Well, thank you comrade. It is a real pleasure and an honor to participate, though modestly, in this blog. Long live anarchy!

  2. By the way, the photo illustrating this post could not be better suited to the reality described by the poet.

  3. Thank you, I also thought that it suited the mood of the poem.