Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Trying To See Through The Fog Of Propaganda.

        If you ever pock your nose into that babbling brook of bullshit, our mainstream media, either on TV or in the newspapers, you get the impression that there are only two factions involved in the bombing of that unfortunate and shattered country, Syria. All the reports are of the dreadful damage caused by Russian and Syrian bombers, over that broken disaster that is Aleppo. The fact that US, UK, Saudi, Australian, French, Turkey and others that I probably have missed, are all in there bombing Syria, seems to be overlooked, we never seem to here of the damage and carnage that they may be causing. Are we to believe that there is no suffering caused by these other imperialist nations' releasing their devastating weaponry, no injured and maimed children, no smashed homes, no suffering and traumatised people, worthy of reporting?
      Once again we are trying to assess a situation while locked in a fog of propaganda. What is clear, is that the people of Syria are of no concern to the tribe of imperialists squabbling in Syria over control of its rich oil and gas resources.

         This from IN GAZA:
        Aleppo and nearby villages ravaged by the West’s “moderate” terrorists (photo essay)
      I support Syria against a “civil” war that is funded, armed and planned by Western powers and their regional allies with a view to wiping out all resistance to imperialism in the Middle East.
      The northern city of Aleppo has been one of the most grossly misreported-on cities in the Syrian Arab Republic, with Western and Gulf media and NGOs continuously ignoring the realities of life in this city of over 1.5 million civilians, instead launching coordinated propaganda campaigns against the Syrian government and army (SAA), and in favour of terrorists labeled as “rebels”, and ignoring their firing of an array of missiles, rockets, Hell Cannon-fired gas canister bombs, explosive bullets, and more onto the civilians of greater Aleppo.
     Terrorist factions occupying areas of Aleppo include Jabhat al-Nusra, Ahrar al-Sham, the so-called “Free Syrian Army”, and child-beheading Nour el din Zinki mercenaries.
       In July and in August, 2016, I travelled by car to Aleppo, to meet with doctors and ordinary civilians, and to hear their testimonies of life in a city which has many times been under terrorists’ siege and is always under terrorists’ bombings and snipings.
Full article and photos HERE:
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