Friday, 16 September 2016

Two Days, Two Climates.

        My cycling season is coming to an end as the days get shorter and colder. My wee bronchial tubes complain too much under such conditions. So I grab a day when ever I can, this time it was Wednesday and Thursday. Scotland is probably unique in that two days following each other can be so different. Wednesday was my most familiar run, the Campsie area, it was overcast, with an easterly wind around 17mph, with quite a chill factor. Thursday it was very hot and the wind was around 3-4mp, which made it a very pleasant outing. So much so, that I didn't stop to take any photos, just a jaunt round the same area and back home. 
    So just the one photo from Wednesday, the Campsie Hills with the mist creeping ever lower, one of its myriad of faces.

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