Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The Fog Of Propaganda.

        I posted this earlier, but thought it was worth mentioning again as the film is showing shortly at the Kinning Park Centre Glasgow.

The Media Monopoly Series
The Occupation of the American Mind
       ”It is arguable that the success of business propaganda in persuading us, for so long that we are free from propaganda is one of the most significant propaganda achievements of the twentieth century."
 John Carey

The education of persuasion
         Maybe we need to ask why our education system trains us in the merits of Public Relations (propaganda), in, being first, winning a place, getting to the top, fighting the competition. While there is little or nothing in teaching students how to protect themselves from the adverse effects of corporate propaganda?
        The scope of this film is much wider than this particular subject matter, it has lessons that can be applied to a wide variety of propagandised social and political issues.
          Are we being educated by media propaganda? Watch!
         "Harrowing and incendiary! A vital and unmissable film" Dave Zirin The Nation
          Israel's Public Relations War in the United States Narrated by Pink Floyd's Roger Waters
       “Once you know how something is put in place you can start to take it apart”

The Occupation of the American Mind 
Kinning Park Complex Glasgow
Sunday 2nd Oct
2 till 4:00
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