Thursday, 15 September 2016

Direct Action.

       Exarchia is a district in Athens that has for a long time, been an area where anarchists/libertarian socialists/communists have lived gathered and claimed as their own. Recently the drug lords have moved in, while the police look the other way trying to catch litter loots. No doubt with a hope that the drug dealers will eventually destroy that libertarian ethos of the area. However, Greek anarchists have an admirable habit of confronting their enemy with forceful direct action. 
This from Act For Freedom Now:
The struggle against the State, Drug mafias and Social Cannibalism
       Against the plans of transforming Exarhia square into a field of control, consumerism and drug dealing, Anarchists and Communists we moved organized and collectively, factually opposing the activity of dealing drugs. An activity which continued in Exarhia square even today despite the declarations of the minister of public order. In a world that promotes profit and control as “values”, there is no room for delusions.
       Only our struggles, struggles against misery and subjugation, can really liberate spaces, so social self-organization and class solidarity can blossom. These struggles are the obstacle against state enforcement, capitalist brutality and drug mafias who are sub products. Today, September 9th we raided Exarhia square unannounced and with a target, located drug dealers and gave them the message they deserve.

Comrades against the mafias.

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