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The Stae And Repression, Two Sides Of The Same Coin.

        Across the world state repression goes on and on, those who struggle for change to a just, open and free society, are the ones who get hit hardest, so anarchists will always be at the sharp end of that state repression. Trumped up charges, fabricated laws to suit the state's grip on the population, and brutal treatment of those caught up in their net of repression, that's the pattern across the globe. Our weapon to fight this savagery against justice and freedom, is solidarity, solidarity across borders. Borders are imaginary lines drawn across our planet by power mongers, to protect their power and privileges. To us, the ordinary people, they don't exist, the world is our village.
Some calls for solidarity:


       On Sunday the 21st of June, 2015, an immigration raid on East Street sparked an explosion of rebellion and Solidarity. When Immigration Enforcement officers forced a local man into the back of their van, a crowd of people who live and work in the area, including kids, gathered to prevent his removal. Because of this, riot police were called to the scene.
     Without warning, the riot police violently charged the crowd, knocking people to the ground and attacking them with dogs. Instead of running away, the people in the crowd, now numbering well over a hundred, stood firm and defended themselves. Unable to disperse the crowd, the cops left the area.
      Since then, the man originally detained has been deported and three people have been forced to stand trial at the beginning of October this year. They face massively inflated charges including “violent disorder.” If found guilty they could receive a serious prison sentence.
      At a time when whole estates are being demolished to make way for luxury flats and many are being forced out of their area, when migrants are treated like criminals, held in indefinite detention away from their friends and families, when immigration raids and police harassment are part of daily life, it’s clear that the violence of the order is the real problem. And it is this violence that people on East Street were rebelling against.
       The charge of “violent disorder” is a cynical tactic used to stop such rebellion. By singling out individuals for punishment, the authorities hope to spread fear among us so that we feel unable to defend ourselves. But instead of giving in to fear, the best form of self-defence is to stand in solidarity with each other, just as people did on East Street when their neighbour was detained by Immigration Enforcement in June last year.
      In October this year, solidarity with the East Street Defendants can only mean one thing: continued rebellion against the violent order.

          Updates on anarchist comrades Anna Beniamino and Alfredo Cospito
      These updates have been made known to us directly by the imprisoned comrades Anna Beniamino and Alfredo Cospito:
        Concerning Anna, she tells us that she is in isolation (no tv), is prohibited from meeting with other prisoners and saw censorship of her mail, which she says reaches her fairly quickly.
         Alfredo, instead, is still in isolation, and not only for his solidarity action with the CCF, which the prison court has not yet ruled on yet, but also for the new investigation “Scripta Manent”. He also informed us that being in isolation he has nothing in the cell such as addresses, even the comrades arrested for Scripta Manent.
       I urge comrades to send them the most news, newspapers, and stamps to break the isolation that the nation’s prisons are imposing physically at this time.
 We announce that all three of Warsaw are freed.
       After nearly 4 months of absolute isolation we managed to pull them out of jail. This release proves how weak is the police evidence and how “necessary steps” of the prosecution were just playing time, using detention as form of torture to force confessions.
This also proves that solidarity campaigns make sense – not only in moral dimension, but also practically.
What can one do now?
      The solidarity campaign continues – as actual criminal trial is yet to come. Defendants still need our support, mostly in the field of information and finance. The money will be needed for the lawyers and for the return of the deposit. Spreading objective, non-police knowledge of this case and repression also really improves their chances on trial and protects the movement from further repression. Organize collection, meetings, events, circulate posters, leaflets, brochures and this website.
What one shouldn’t do now?
       The moment of release of the arrested is a moment of intense police attention – in recent days more and more often undercovers and other cops are seen observing places important for the movement and trying to infiltrate. This is the worst time to gossip, speculate, fabricate facts, assign to yourselves or others fault, merit, knowledge of the case, and for any other actions based on incomplete / false information.
        If you would like to contact the defendants, think twice whether you’re someone from their loved ones. If not – let them catch their breath and rest – there will be time for our paths to cross, not once.
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