Monday, 26 September 2016

The Many Shapes Of The Spirit Of Resistance.

        Across the world states are in crises, as the system they attempt to manage, capitalism, is itself, in crisis. Capitalism has mandated the states to manage the civil population, while they rip them off, but more and more people are seeing through the shabby illusion, more and more the people are resisting. As capitalism lurches from one crisis to another, the state’s job of managing the people becomes a task doomed to failure. Resistance to this system of control and exploitation takes many shapes, from the organised groups, to the individuals who fight the system on a daily basis, in their own particular way, but fight they do. Of course in the eyes of the system, any acts of resistance, which in fact are self defence, will never be classified as such, it will be labelled, vandalism, hooliganism, terrorism, and a host of other demonising isms. This will then be followed up with the full violence and brutality of their “judicial system”. The artefacts and symbols of the exploitative, repressive system of the festering marriage of capitalism and state are all around us. The expensive cars, the luxury hotels, the designer label shops, the banks, the sweatshop places of labour, the injustice of poverty, all supported by an army of police and CCTV cameras, all to let you know your pecking order in this hierarchical nightmare. However that is also one of its weaknesses, everything is out their, open to acts of self defence, acts of resistance, acts of righteous anger.

       This article, posted in Contra Info, is from Brazil, a country no stranger to the savage ravishes of capitalism, and no stranger to the people's resistance to this brutal system:
          Every stone thrown is the expression of indignation of all of us, tired of being used, manipulated and dominated by those in government, by the media, by the multinationals… A brick is charged with rage, frustration and more than anything else the freedom of disobedience, of disrespect to property. A brick into a window is the expression of insubmission, of those instincts that were not and never will be domesticated and pacified. It is the capacity to overcome the margins of citizenist protest towards the path of free rebellion. A brick carries all the courage of leaving the house and abandoning the role of the spectator in front of a screen, to run out to the streets and transform them into a field of political action.
       The streets, where we meet, do not belong to anybody but the revolt. The streets open the way to take back our lives, they open the way to insubmission and dignity… They open the doors so that everyone can be responsible for themselves without depending on any institution, they open the way of “fuck the State” and of autonomy… and we are there because our rage is expanding, against the social order, not against the puppet that carries the title of the President, but against the entire state structure… because it’s clear to us that the streets shout much more than “Out With Temer”.
      From the streets, we’re uncontrollable, in the complicity of the hoodie we’re stronger, and we can live intensively in spaces where the banks will never be something to be defended but institutions that profit from inequality, that take over lives with blows of credit cards and financial interests. There where the bourgeois car is not a dream but a symbol of vanity; where a shop is selling privileges and not just clothes… where we’re able to attack materially against domination.
       That the internal repression led by candidates and affiliates of political parties don’t put a halt to our rage, that they don’t put a halt to direct actions…

We had enough of being commanded…
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