Monday, 19 September 2016

Go On Luss, Ban The Car.

       In my post yesterday about Luss I made a comment about the traffic and parking in the village, well it seems that I'm not the only one that thinks it is out of order and dangerous. The residents and the Argyle and Bute council are at loggerheads about the problem. It is not a big village, about 120 residents, it would be quite simple to ban vehicles, except service vehicles, from entering the village. I know it would be cruel and extremely brutal to expect people to walk a few hundred yards in this modern age of the car. However, a small idyllic village perched on the shores of a loch with its narrow streets clogged up with visitors cars of all sizes, so that people don't have to walk, seems utterly selfish. I remember the village when cars were a rare thing and you could stroll down its narrow streets in little groups without having to continually shuffle to the side of the road or risk death. There is nothing idyllic, picturesque or peaceful about weaving through lines of moving and sitting cars. The village magic is lost.
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  1. How right you are! If at least they were horses, but our relationship with machines seems to be a priority in these times of madness and folly.