Thursday, 1 September 2016

Cages To Protect The Rich And Powerful.

          Contrary to the vomit that the babbling brook of bullshit spews out, prisons are not places where bad, bad people are sent. Prisons are cages where the state locks up those it sees as a threat to its power and control of the system. They always have been, and always will be, there for that purpose. The vast majority of people take umbrage at scraping a living while a band of greedy power mongers wallows in opulence, produced from the sweat of the ordinary people. No doubt they would take action to sort out that injustice. Hence the conditioning, by means of propaganda and a skewed education system, to a set of rules and regulations that will perpetuate the status quo, backed up with a phoney judicial system that will punish those who dare to undermine the glaring injustice on which the system is based. Prisons are one of the state’s tools in its armoury to protect the rich and powerful. They are also now part of the vast corporate slave labour industrial complex. If you call for justice, if you respect freedom, if you believe in humanity, then you must stand against the prison system and stand with the prisoners. 
This from Radio Fragmata:
          It’s been years now that the various state agencies of repression order the conduct of investigation under the sole criterion the suspects’ political status. This is the status of the anarchist, mainly of the one who turns his/her ideas into actions, of the one that arms his/her desires and attacks state authority. So each investigation has to do with the possible prosecution of comrades according to the laws of their “democracy.” Police prosecution that starts off with texts and extends to all possible actions is not new amongst the anarchist circles. On the contrary, there is a past record on relative prosecutions in countries such as Italy, Chile etc. where there is a strong comrade presence promoting direct action and intervention. The common goal of contemporary international police is the prevention of anarchist propaganda, anarchist action and the spreading of our ideas. For this reason, in many cases they don’t even hesitate to put aside the refined mask of “democracy” that supposedly allows “freedom of speech and ideas.” And thus, any illusion that anyone may still hold is withdrawn. Things are now clear: “anarchist action or speech is either illegal or nothing at all!”
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