Tuesday, 6 September 2016

The Casualties Of World War III.

        Tucked away in corners of so called “civilised European society”, are places that the various states hope you’ll not notice. Hell holes of desperation, deprivation and intimidation, where people are herded like cattle, where they are processed like cans of beans receiving their bar codes. Such places get sanitised names like detention centres, holding areas, etc. The people held there receive this vile treatment because of a label that has been attached to them, “illegal migrants”. When in fact they are human beings fleeing the shock and awe of Western weaponry, that is pulverising their villages, towns and cities. They are people, old and young, trying to flee a world of daily death and destruction, victims of World War III. It is World War III, all the world’s major powers in their various cabals and power groupings, are in the Middle East, blasting their way to territorial gains that they hope will give them control over rich oil and gas fields. The people of that area can go to hell in a hand cart, as far as the powerful states involved are concerned. To the big corporations and the states that serve them, oil is wealth and power, people are disposable, at times superfluous to requirements. That is the basis of this festering cancer we live under, it is the guiding principle of capitalism. When it comes to wealth and power, in their world, war is a price worth paying. A world of shifting borders, displacing people and re-arranging geography, to suit the powers that be, people are just collateral damage, to be killed, displaced, or labelled, migrant, refugee or what ever, then abandoned. Only the people can bring an end to this savage insanity, those with the power and wealth will not abandon their their pampered privileged position, we will have to wrestle it from them, and the sooner the better.  
 Lampedusa Sicily, detention centre.
       [Note: Hotspots are structures set up by the EU in certain States to swiftly identify, register and fingerprint incoming migrants]
       From the media we learn that yesterday, 24th August, at 8:30pm a group of people locked up in the Hotspot of Lampedusa set mattresses alight causing damage to a cell on the first floor, an area where underage migrants are detained.
       It seems that the fire brigade intervened promptly thus limiting the damage to one cell only. According to the local press a migrant boy was asphyxiated by the smoke.
     Yesterday’s was not the first protest to break out since the Lampedusa detention centre became a Hotspot. In fact on 18th May this year a revolt seriously damaged part of the structure and one of the three units in the Centre had to be closed down. The protest began when the authorities were preparing a mass deportation to Tunisia, following days of unrest among the people imprisoned in the Hotspot in protest at forced identification.
      Solidarity with the migrants in struggle against identification, detention and deportation
100s of such fires!
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