Friday, 28 December 2012


       The financial Mafia's grand plan is world wide, it is in fact a world wide epidemic. It is not something that is limited to Europe, no country is immune from this destructive infection. The only real antidote to this vile infection is social justice through anarchism. 
     America, that land of freedom, democracy and opportunity!! Well just like the rest of the corporate dominated world, ordinary Americans are getting poorer and the rich Americans are getting richer. Forbes has just released the latest figures on the richest Americans, and it states that the wealthiest 400 Americans posses 13% of the total wealth of all of America. This year alone their wealth increased by 7%, making the average wealth between this 400 work out at $4.2 billion each. This puts people like the most recent Presidential contender, Mitt Romney, in the poor league, as he has to get by on a personal fortune of a mere $250 million.
       Compare this to the ordinary American, this year millions of workers have been forced into poverty, saw the pensions disappear, along with their health care. Their wages are now in lower than what they were 40 years ago, if you take into consideration the rate of inflation over that period, the average wage is 22% lower now than the average in 1972. Unemployment is high, house foreclosures almost common place, homelessness rampant, jobs almost impossible to find.

       The onslaught against the ordinary people is world wide, no country is immune from the financial Mafia's plans to drive down wages, Greece, at the moment, may be at the sharp end, but others are perilously close, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, to mention a few in Europe. There is nothing in the rule book that says that the American people can't follow the Greek people into total misery and deprivation. By the slashing social spending the corporate world will achieve two things, one, it will reduce the tax they are asked to pay, so increasing profits, and two, it will open up greater opportunities for the corporate bodies to privately supply, at a profit to themselves, those services that have been trashed by national governments. No social services, only privately provide services at a cost, and if you can't pay, then you have to go without.
       Everything must turn a profit for the corporate body, no public assets, no public spaces, no social services, just big business. A bleak, harsh and desperate world for the ordinary people, a world where if you fall on hard times, it will be up to charities to help you out, or friends and relatives, who might themselves be facing the same poverty and deprivation. This is the great austerity plan, the pinnacle of capitalism, the corporate planet controlled from the boardrooms of fat-cats, with one aim in mind, increase profit, to fatten your shareholders. We either face this world and live with it, or face it and destroy the present greed driven system and replace it with a better world driven by co-operation and mutual aid, based on sustainability with the aim of seeing to the needs of all our people.The only real

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