Tuesday, 18 December 2012


       I am a keen cyclist, yes even at my age, and as such I admire Bradley Wiggins, the man and what he has achieved. However I was disappointed and saddened at the thought of him becoming one of those kneeling and touching forelock individuals that think that Sir, in front of your name makes you a better person. So it is with that in mind and the hope that this message may reach him, that I post this article. So if you know him, pass it on. From A World to Win:

Me, not Wiggo.

Don't do it, Wiggo!

       Bradley Wiggins, heroic winner of the Tour de France, Olympic gold medallist and BBC sports personality of the year, with sideburns that help mark him out from the crowd, is reported to have accepted a knighthood. My message to him is simple: don’t do it Wiggo!
     Don’t let us see a picture of you kneeling before the Queen to become Sir Bradley. Do what Olympic opening ceremony creator Danny Boyle has done and say “No”.
       You were brought up by your mum in a small flat in Kilburn, north London. Your absent father’s passion for cycling rubbed off on you and the legendary Herne Hill velodrome in south London, was where you started out.
      You became popular through your common touch, your rapport with ordinary people. So much so that the French took you to their hearts, especially when you made jokes in their language.
       So why join the establishment? Why join the elite? Why help out the ConDem government, which is recommending you to Buckingham Palace? As US baseball fans might respond, “say it ain’t so, Wiggo”.
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