Saturday, 29 December 2012


    Perhaps instead of theorising we should start to follow our emotions and when we discuss, we should speak from the heart, not from the book. The following short piece might sound soppy to some, but would it be bad if lots more spoke and felt like this?

      I typed this just now in an argument with others who feel workers make what they deserve. There are typos, there are things that are not worded right, but it is from the heart...Right now I am in a state in the USA which is sooo anti-workers that it makes my heart weep! I feel that this is the sortof place where this sortof speech needs to be given. The workers who are making 7.00 working at factories which make millions are incredibly dangerous, this men need to know that they are worth more than minimum wage. Workers who are forced to be without their families on holidays and for the vast majority of the day and night deserve to know that they are worth more than money, they are priceless. Workers have lost their pride, their heart, their motive, their souls so to say. It would be easy to give a speech and wage a war in an area which already has a strong labor movement, but in a right to work state, which is really a right to fire state, these men need their muscle back. I will die for my fellow workers, I will gladly spend time in prison for my fellow worker, I will be poverty stricken if it means that I am doing it on my terms and not those of some shitty business, some call center, some factory, some fast food place, some warehouse. Tonight I decided that my years of travel and activism, that it would all mean nothing if I did not finally put MORE action to my words, and those actions and words are following in the footsteps of Eugene V Debs or Bill Haywood. Tonight I begin my steps toward real freedom.

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