Saturday, 29 December 2012


        In Glasgow in February 2012 I arranged an Earth First talk/discussion/meeting with two America Earth Firsters, Panagioti and his partner Carla. The evening was a great success. They have been life long campaigners in trying to get us all to treat our precious planet with more respect. As usual I am a bit late with the birthday wishes, it was Panagioti's birthday on the 28th December, happy birthday comrade. It appears it will be a double whammy for him and Carla as the birthday will be followed by the birth of their first child. Congratulations.

        If industrial civilization were to collapse any time soon–and its looking like it could happen any day now–it’d be in no small part due to the rather outrageous and tireless misadventures of a little known biocentric biped called Panagioti. 
    Though he has no formal education past 10th grade — “diploma-free and proud” as he’d say — you’d be hard pressed to find a smarter and more politically influential animal amongst the more radical environmental milieu, especially in the South. He’s also a real sweetheart, a soon-to-be-father, my best friend and all around nice guy and superhero.
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