Monday, 3 December 2012


         All this hullabaloo about regulate the press, don't regulate the press, is a distraction from the real problem regarding our corrupt babbling brook of bullshit, the media. Anybody with a grain of sense would say a free press is essential, but our problem is that it is not a free press in the first place. It is a tightly controlled press in the hands of a small group of rich and powerful people who will always come down on the side of the rich and powerful people. For example, the Murdoch clan's global corporation, the Independent and the London Standard are the mouthpieces of Russian oligarchs and then we have Viscount Rothermere controlling shareholder and chairman of the Daily Mail. With such a rightwing bunch of extremely rich people controlling our “FREE” press, there is no way that they will advocate greater unionisation among the working class, workers control, true democracy, etc. What you get is them pushing their own agenda to suit their own class. Our “FREE” press is a propaganda machine for the corporate world we live in, and will always be biased against any organising by the ordinary people to take control of their own lives and shape society to the needs of the people. 

      The Lord Leveson “thingy” is just more smoke and mirrors, creating the illusion that something is being done and the real propblem is those few bad, bad people who have tainted this fine institution. Once we see a few wrists of the lesser mortals being slapped, they can get back to trying to mould public oppinion in favour of their beloved system of corporate capitalism. Our press is a class instrument, owned and controlled by the rich and powerful class, and will always be used against any group that might in any way attempt to re-dress that balance between the rich and powerful, and the ordinary people. Our “FREE” press is an instrument of control used by the state and the corporate world to further the ends of their class. A “FREE” press would be controlled by no one and be the voice of all the people to the benefit of all those people. So just view “The Leveson Report” as another chapter in one of the many soap operas with which our babbling brook of bullshit fill their pages. 

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