Friday, 28 December 2012


        Well it is that time of year when we start to think of what the next year will bring. You can rest assured that as far as the ordinary people are concerned, it will not be a year of prosperity, though it most likely will be for the corporate world. For them, profits up, taxes down, for you and and I, continued wage freezes/cuts, as pay increases stay below inflation, more part-time jobs, less job security. We will also face increased prices in food and energy, poverty and deprivation will be on the increase, more "austerity" cuts, more attacks on the most vulnerable in our society. This is the plan for many years to come, when will we as the general public, say, enough is enough? This article from The Guardian points the path that our millionaire parasites have in store for us, the ordinary people of this country. The one line I might disagree with is "---with workers maintaining a 'grin and bear it' attitude", I sincerely hope not. I would expect to see greater organisation and resistance from the workers. Why should we "grin and bear it" to the benefit of the corporate parasites when we don't have to. There are alternatives.

Workers face 'hard year of slog' in 2013

      New year will bring longer hours, continued squeeze on pay, fewer new posts and more job insecurity, warns economist. Workers can expect longer hours, a continued squeeze on pay and fewer jobs being created in 2013, in a "hard year of slog", a new report has warned.
    Job insecurity will remain high, with workers maintaining a "grin and bear it" attitude, said John Philpott, director of The Jobs Economist. Unemployment is forecast to increase by 120,000 to 2.63 million in 2013 because growth in the workforce will exceed the number of jobs being created, Philpott said.
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