Thursday, 20 December 2012


       Of course we in the democratic West know that it is only in those foreign countries with nasty dictators that you can be held in prison for months without being arrested or charged. Well that's the picture our babbling brook of bullshit spew out on an daily basis. After all that's what democracy is all about due process done fairly and openly with as little delay as possible. If we are not getting that, then it can be said it is a totalitarian regime. In that case we in the West fall well short of the "democracy" mark.
       This is an extract from just one such case of nasty dictator regime in some foreign land called America.
  The visiting room of the SeaTac Federal Detention Center is bleak. Prison is supposed to be bleak, but it's difficult to appreciate how bleak it is until you've walked inside—past the grim security checkpoint, the sallow-faced chaplain with the giant keys hanging from his pants, the many heavy doors that slam shut behind you like a metal thunderclap, the off-white walls and institutional lighting that seem to suck the color out of everyone's hair and clothes, the frosted-over windows to block any view of the outside world, and into the visiting room with its plastic chairs arranged in sets of four with a guard sitting in a high booth, presiding over the room like a bored judge.
And the waiting. Lots and lots of waiting.
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