Thursday, 13 December 2012


      The surveillance society is well and truly established here and else where. You can't walk about your city without being observed, photoed, tracked and the information stored. The local bus stop at the bottom of our street has SIX cameras mounted on it, you enter the bus and you are recorded. I have counted as many as six cameras on some buses. Dotted around town are cameras with speakers mounted, you will be instructed what to do if you are seen to be doing something THEY deem to be wrong. Now it seems that this is not enough, in some cities in America they are fitting voice recording equipment on public transport buses, to record your conversations and store them. Where America goes today, we go tomorrow. How long before all new build houses will have a camera and sound recording fitted at the construction stage? Far fetched? How long ago was it that you would have been laughed at if you said that the bus stop will have six cameras fitted? Of course you know it is all for your own good and safety. Oh George, we should have listened.

This from The Stranger:
      When people worry about drones, they worry that the information gathered by the little fliers will be stored forever as a blanket violation of Fourth Amendment protections—a warrantless search with wings. (That's what people in the US worry about, anyway. People in other countries worry that drones will kill them.)
Looks like drones are the least of the Fourth Amendment's worries. From
      Transit authorities in cities across the country are quietly installing microphone-enabled surveillance systems on public buses that would give them the ability to record and store private conversations, according to documents obtained by a news outlet.
The systems are being installed in San Francisco, Baltimore, and other cities with funding from the Department of Homeland Security in some cases, according to the Daily, which obtained copies of contracts, procurement requests, specs and other documents.
Read the full article HERE:
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