Friday, 14 December 2012


      Once again we see the West talk with forked tongue. It preaches democracy in the Middle East while backing the Muslim Brotherhood in both Syria and Egypt, of course, hypocrisy is standard for imperialism. In recognising the "rebels" in Syria it will see the demise of the Assad regime, another regime that wouldn't play ball with the Western corporate world. Any nation that doesn't allow the mighty dollar to dominate their country is demonised and enters the "axis of evil", marking them out as "to be sorted".  Iraq and Libya have been sorted, Syria is almost sorted, that leaves Iran and North Korea to be brought to chaos, allowing the mighty dollar to walk in and make a killing. (literally and figuratively). What probably saves North Korea, for the time being, is its big pal, China, though as the West becomes more desperate, that may not put them off forever. The Western corporate world can gain from war and chaos.
From CounterPunch, a little more detail on the West's relations with the Muslim Brotherhood.
     The complexities of the Arab Spring and the struggle for political freedom throughout the Arab world should not obscure what has now become an absolutely essential understanding for all anti-imperialists: the Muslim Brotherhood is one of the most powerful weapons of the Western ruling class in the Muslim world. While that may be a difficult pill for some to swallow for emotional or psychological reasons, one need look no further than the insidious role the organization is playing in Syria and the abuses of power and human rights of the government of Egypt. In the US-NATO sponsored war against the Assad government, the Muslim Brotherhood has emerged as the leading western-sanctioned force, the avant-garde of the imperialist assault. While, in Egypt, President Morsi and the Brotherhood government seek to destroy what had been, little more than a year ago, the promise of the revolution.
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