Tuesday, 25 December 2012


       It is possibly not the most stylistic or easy flowing Christmas poem ever written, but it is a nice thought.
I'm Dreaming of a Red and Black Christmas
'Twas the night before Christmas, And all through the land,
Factory workers were slaving to meet high demand,
For video games, DVDs, and cheaply built toys,
To be given the next morning to spoiled American girls and boys.
The workers had had it, They were at their wits end,
Worked day and night with no time off, The bosses would not bend.
Then over the loudspeaker on one factory floor,
Boomed a fat boss's voice, "WORK FASTER! PRODUCE MORE!”
“Our profits are way up, but not quite enough,
Our shareholders aren't happy – you've got to make more stuff!”
That was the last straw. The workers would take no more abuse,
So they stopped working and jammed up the machines 'till they were of no more good use.
And with a collective burst of rage, the workers cried,
“That's enough! We've had it with this shit!” They marched up to the boss's office and demanded, “If you don't give us some time off, we're all going to quit!”
“Quit?!”, laughed the boss, “Go ahead, not a problem!”
I'll have your replacements here by 4 AM tomorrow!”
“Plenty of poor schmucks need a job so badly,
I can pay them peanuts, and they'll take this shitty job – GLADLY!”
“In fact,” smirked the boss, “I'll save you AND me the trouble...
“YOU'RE ALL FIRED! Now get your asses out of here, ON THE DOUBLE!”
Well, what happened next can't really be told,
Because no worker who was there that day will tell,
Of the action taken that was so bold. All we know for sure is that after that day,
A whole new meaning was given to the phrase “Christmas sleigh”...
On that cold snowy Christmas Eve night the news spread like wildfire,
And suddenly, the workers' situation didn't seem so dire. Throughout the land in every factory around,
Workers rose up with this new boldness they had found.
They eliminated their bosses and formed democratic workers councils instead,
And from that day ever after, it was called “Red and Black Christmas”,
because hierarchy in the workplace... ...was finally dead.

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