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       As I keep saying, workers, know your history. We are all aware, or should be, that those that sit in the Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption, are not the state, but merely its public managers. The real power of the state sits else where, hidden in marble halls, long corridors and stately homes. That power is the same the world over, and by quiet meetings behind closed doors, that power can decide to change the managers from the keepers of the ballot box, to the men with guns. We have seen it happen in numerous countries across the globe, while we in Britain, because of the propaganda of the babbling brook of bullshit, the media, believe that it couldn't happen here. That my friends is an illusion, the same powers that sit behind the various governments across the world sit quietly behind our Oxbridge millionaire parasites. If it is deemed that they are not doing a good job for that hidden power, then they will be removed, one way or another.
      A plot by the state against a weak government of the day, unable to govern on its own, amidst a grave economic crisis. Sounds familiar? Well, this is not actually about “plebgate” and the Tories – though it could just as well be – but Harold Wilson and Labour.
     Wilson was prime minister from 1964-70 and again from 1974 to his sudden and dramatic resignation in 1976. Later he would claim that the spy agency MI5 had wanted him out. And that army officers had been plotting a takeover.
     Wilson was right on both counts.
In 1968, a period of mass upheavals in Britain and worldwide, senior army officers, together with press baron Lord Cecil King, Lord Mountbatten and intelligence agency figures, discussed staging a coup to overthrow a Labour government thought to be in the pockets of the trade unions.
     A global economic crisis followed America’s decision in 1971 to end the system of fixed currencies established at Bretton Woods after the Second World War. Inflation spiralled out of control. Oil prices tripled and miners took industrial action. Much of Britain was on a three-day week in 1973-4 as power supplies dwindled.
      The plans for a coup were dusted down when Labour was returned to office in 1974 after miners’ industrial action had brought down the Tory government of Edward Heath. Heath asked voters to say “who rules Britain?”. A minority Labour government took office.
      Out of the blue, a series of joint police/army exercises were held at Heathrow Airport. The first of these was held in January 1974, while Heath was still in power but the remaining three were held in June, July and September. They were labelled “anti-terror” operations.
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