Thursday, 27 December 2012


      So 2012's candle is starting to flicker, soon to be extinguished. What does a look at the year tell us? It saw the world's ordinary people assaulted and ravished by the power of capital, aided and abetted by their administrators, the state governments. It also saw some of the fiercest fight backs against the full might of the state's repressive power. From London to Washington, from Athens to Moscow, from Madrid to Delhi, the ordinary people of this planet organised and protested against the battering ram of the financial Mafia's austerity plan. Sometimes it was bloody, with South African miners being gunned down by the state's bully boys the police. Tear gas and and baton charges were almost daily events in Athens. Death and injury were seen among protesters time and time again.
       This was not just an aggressive attack on the living standards of the people, it was a case of what little freedom we had being eroded. The state's clandestine agencies stepped up surveillance on dissenting voices, with more covert operations being mounted against legitimate protest groups, they introduced new legislation criminalising acts of protest, many civil liberties were torn up and binned.
       What was also visible over the last year was the disintegrating support for the usual mainline parties. The usual flunky parties in the pocket of the corporate world saw the people turn away in droves, with a mixture of disgust and hatred. That support in some cases turned to apathy, but mostly moved to the more radical wings of the political spectrum, the radical right as well as the radical left.
       Just as the financial Mafia's drive for more austerity will not fade away in the coming year, it is more likely to intensify, so the resistance will grow and the struggle become more bitter, more fierce. However it also means that there will be another front being fought, that for the hearts and minds of the people, against that rising tide of extreme right wing groupings. In every country where austerity has been biting, and the people resisting, the extreme right has gained ground. No doubt financed by many of those powerful people and institutions that financed and backed the usual mainstream puppets that are now discredited.
      What little gains the ordinary people have made by decades of bitter struggle, resistance, and perseverance have been wiped away, what crumbs came our way have been greedily stolen back. To stand still we will have to re-double our efforts, as the financial Mafia's plan is to push us further back, to something resembling the poverty of the Victorian era.
      2012 also saw a continuation of the US corporate funded government acting as guardian of the the world's corporate profit seekers. Bombing the shit out of people across the globe, all in the name of peace and democracy of course. Any country that wouldn't let the dollar and Western capital control their assets, became the axis of evil, and felt the full fury of Western “shock and awe” democracy. We all know the list, and it is still growing with more on the agenda.
       2013 will prove to be a critical year, as the rate of the financial Mafia's drive for “austerity” increases, so will our descent into serfdom. Unless we can counter that with increased resistance, an abandoning of the tradition politics, and a massive move towards politics from below, with increased resistance, direct action, occupation and a desire not to fix the system so that we can reclaim some of the crumbs we lost, but dismantle it and replace it with a sustainable system of seeing to the needs of all our people. A system of co-operation, mutual aid and free from the profit motive.

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