Wednesday, 5 December 2012


      How could I have forgotten to mark the anniversary of the passing of one of Glasgow's memorable fighters. On the 1st. of December 1960 Glasgow anarchist and veteran of the Spanish Civil War, Ethel MacDonald, died from multiple sclerosis. We should always remember our own and always pay tribute to their selfless struggle for the better good of all.
     Ethel MacDonald born in Motherwell, just outside Glasgow, 24 th. of February 1909. She was one of nine children. Leaving home at sixteen became active in women’s movements and the rights of the working class. From an early age Ethel was an active socialist, still only sixteen she joined the Bellshill, Independent Labour Party, (ILP). Worked as waitress and shop assistant,1931 she came in contact with Guy Aldred who asked her to become his secretary. Ethel left the ILP and joined Guy Aldred in the Anti-Parliamentary Communist Federation, (APCF).1934 the APCF split over the issue of the nature of its opposition to Labour Parliamentarianism. Guy Aldred lead the splinter group, Ethel joined him in the United Socialist Movement, and remained a member of the USM and a close comrade of Guy Aldred until her death in 1960. Ethel MacDonald stated that her first encounter with Guy Aldred was the moment which determined for future. 

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