Friday, 14 December 2012


       The government's gift of slave labour to the corporate world still trundles on, though resistance is growing. However it is not just the corporate greed machine that is taking advantage with free labour workfare scheme, charities are up there among the greed merchants taking advantage of the disadvantaged. These charity shops rely on the public handing in stuff and donations and yet the will screw the same public by taking on unpaid labour. Lots of charities are withdrawing from the slave labour scheme but there are still those that are hanging in there making a cheap buck.
 The continued exodus of charity shops from the Government’s workfare schemes leaves the Mandatory Work Activity scheme looking perilously close to collapse.
Oxfam, Marie Curie and Shelter, who all refused workfare in their stores, have now been joined by others. Scope say they are ending mandatory work schemes as have Age UK (though not necessarily in their independent stores). Cancer Research UK have said they are pulling out of mandatory work activity placements. Meanwhile British Heart Foundation have said they are ‘moving away’ from mandated work, though have continued to take placements in their stores.
It now seems that the largest providers of mandated workfare are likely to be conservation and environmental charities such as The Conservation Volunteers (TCV), a mis-named charity who have been quietly building an army of unpaid workers.
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