Wednesday, 5 December 2012


         Here we go, here we go, millionaire Osborne will take centre stage this afternoon and deliver what is meant to be taken as a profound calculated analysis and plan. When in fact it is a series of calculated guesses, smoke and mirrors and a ridged following of ideology. His master plan when he was handed the job of Chancellor of the Exchequer by his millionaire mate, David, was to suck all the money out of the public purse and transfer it to his corporate friends. Of course we were told that this would be painful, but difficult choices had to be made. However our misery would be short lived, we would just have to suffer until 2015, then all our finances would be in great order and we would once again be living the good times, (which never were for the most of us). Now, as 2015 approaches, it is not quite sorted yet, so once again, difficult choices have to be made. That translates into, screw more money from the public purse, hand more money to the corporate world. Sadly that means we will have to wait until 2018, until those ever so rosy good times return. What a load of bullshit.

 "These are difficult times".

      We are on a downward spiral, as far as the living standards of the ordinary people of the developed world are concerned. According to recently released figures, Europe is sinking deeper into recession. The people of Greece have been brutally assaulted by the financial mafia, Spain, Potrugal and Italy are circling the plug hole, Ireland has to intoduce further austerity measures. Here, we are in the hands of a member of the millionaire Etonian old boys club, telling us that we will have to face a few more years of being screwed for the benefit of his corporate friends. What they are trying to get you to swallow is that after ten years or so of slashing our living standards and destroying the fabric of our society, we will all be better off!!! Tell that to the working families that are living in poverty at this moment in time. Tell it to the unemployed youth and the thousands of homeless. Tell it to the one third of our chidren who at present are living below the poverty line. 
       This certainly a master plan, a rigid following of ideology, for the Western corporate world to survive and grow, it has to create a Western wide sweatshop economy. A low wage, unregulated labour force is it last gasp to compete with its Eastern corporate adversary. You and I are intended to be part of that subservient corporate dream. Is that what you want for yourself, your kids and grandkids? If not, we have to organise, resist and act, very quickly, after all that is the way that they work.

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