Friday, 25 March 2016

A Vicious Faith.

A Vicious Faith.

Pecuniary priests, the canons of the faith dictate;
from pulpits of financial cathedrals proclaim
humanity must accept its fate
pawns in a free market game.
Its laws immutable,
its march inevitable,
a system with purpose of its own,
human freedom expendable,
the mighty dollar on the throne.
Human need sacrificed to greed
all power to the market place,
you who make the people bleed
the scriptures of profit embrace;
your system breeds voracity
showers gold on a worthless few,
to the common-man aridity
the beauty of life all askew.
Raise loud your ritual chants
as all freedom you try to sever,
to your system our poverty yields,    but tyrants
be warned,   our hearts,----------never.       

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