Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The Snoopers Charter.

      Our "democratic" state is ever looking at ways of keeping tabs on everything you do, surveillance is control, control is power. We quietly walk into their cage if we are not ever vigilant. This latest bill which the government is trying to slip through, while the mainstream media, that babbling brook of bullshit, focuses on the EU, is another piece of legislation which allows them to poke their beady eyes further into our lives. 
This from Open Rights Group:
    The Home Office published the Investigatory Powers Bill today. And it's bad news. Despite three committees of MPs and peers making a total of 123 recommendations for changes to the Bill less than three weeks ago, the Government has ploughed on. On first reading, it appears that the revised Bill has made minor revisions, not the full redraft that is needed.
Email your MP now and tell them your concerns around the Bill:
      By bringing the Bill to Parliament now, at a time when the EU referendum is overwhelmingly the biggest topic in Westminster, there's a strong likelihood that MPs will not have enough time to scrutinise the Bill. The Bill still includes hugely invasive powers on bulk collection of our Internet use and hacking. It also fails to deliver a rigorous system for judges to authorise surveillance warrants.
         This is the right time to email your MP! Until now, the Bill was in draft form and was being scrutinised by specialist committees. MPs were waiting to see what those committees said and how the Government would respond. Now that the Bill is published, you can make sure it's at the top of your MP's in-tray.
Email your MP now!
        We've been talking to the media all day and talking on TV news explaining the concerns with the Bill to more people. Keep an eye out for us! We will be analysing the detail of the revised Bill over the coming days and weeks so we'll be in touch again soon with the latest news. With the Labour frontbench increasingly sceptical [1] and Tory backbenchers raising serious concerns [2], this is by no means decided. With your help, we can persuade our MPs to stand up for our rights.
Thanks for taking action.
Best wishes, Ed

[1] The Government has not justified this significant extension of powers - Andy Burnham

[2] Snoopers’ charter faces Tory revolt (£)

Ed Johnson-Williams
Open Rights Group

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