Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Our Right To Protest Must Always Be Defended.

        In this so called democracy, the so called "right to protest" is not seen as a right by the powers that be, it is always seen as a threat. Protest means that people are challenging the purloined power of the decision makers. They can't allow that to be seen as an action of ordinary people, it must always be portrayed as a mob action of violent trouble makers. In an attempt to prevent others from joining protests, the babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, will always show the police instigated violence at protests as the action of the protesters. Obedient subservience is their desired aim, making control so much easier. The right to protest must be defended by solidarity across communities, workplaces, and borders, or our cages become permanently locked.
       The peaceful protest at Brand Street Glasgow was another example of this growing brutality, by the authorities against protesters.

This from Common Space:

Superglued protestors pulled apart and pregnant woman says she was pushed repeatedly at Brand Street blockade

POLICE DOGS and around 30 officers were used to break up a blockade in Glasgow last night, to enable the removal from Scotland of an LGBT asylum seeker and her young son.

Dogs were deployed against a peaceful protest in Glasgow as officers from Police Scotland broke up the blockade of 30 protestors with around 30 officers, in an move which the protestors described as "extremely violent" and "unprecedented".

Refugee rights campaigners blocked the entrance to the Border and Immigration Agency in Brand Street for around four hours yesterday [Monday 21 March] after discovering that LGBT activist and asylum seeker Beverly Vaanda Kanjii, 45, and her 14-year-old son had been arrested in a dawn raide at their Bridgeton home earlier that day. 
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