Thursday, 24 March 2016

The West, Masters Of Terrorism.


        Up until now I have refrained from saying anything about the Brussels atrocities, such actions leave me numb, the killing and maiming of innocent people, going about their business, is about as low as humans can sink. However there is also anger, anger at our babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, who try to play each emotion, the panic, the fear, like some unknown spectacle. They fail to even mention, that this is now a daily occurrence in those lands that the West blasted into the stone age. Our hurt and pain is obviously greater than the suffering of the ordinary people of Iraq, who felt the apocalyptic horror of our "shock and awe", that totally destroyed their country. As we watched our TV's as those buildings disintegrate into dust and rubble, we slaughtered a multitude of teachers, bus drivers, shop assistants, plumbers, doctors, children and elderly, going about their business, all because the West didn't like their leader. Their deaths were justifiable, as their leader was a monster. This statement presupposes that we in the West don't have monsters, just morally impeccable individuals who are capable of killing countless thousands of ordinary people, going about their business. The only difference is scale, the West is the master of destruction and killing of innocents.
         The 13th. anniversary of our indescribable onslaught on the people of Iraq is this month, and they still suffer from the consequences of our brutality, car bombings, constant battles and bloodshed, this is their normality, as they try to, go about their business. However, our babbling brook of bullshit, pass these events by as not worthy of reporting.  We have repeated our callous destruction of countries by weapons of incredible power, that no terrorist could hope to have, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria. Behind all this moral doing-good hypocrisy, lies a mountain of dead ordinary people, from the very young to the very old, all going about their business, when suddenly, from the sky blood and thunder rained down on their innocent lives. All this because our lords and masters didn't like their leaders, their deaths are acceptable "collateral damage".  
          2001 we set about destroying Afghanistan, which entailed the killing of thousands of ordinary people, going about their business. Since then the West has swept through the Middle East, creating a quagmire of blood and destruction, a mountain of innocent deaths, an army of maimed and traumatised, innocent people, going about their business. We are still there, doing our damnedest through killing and maiming, to prop up corrupt factions that might be able to form a government that is compliant to the desires of Western imperialism. 
      Yes, Brussels was a dreadful nightmare for all those involved and fills any decent human with anger, horror and compassion for the victims, but let's not forget the bigger picture, let's start to ask WHY, don't you think that perhaps, just perhaps, we have stoked up a mountain of hate, and perhaps, just perhaps, some want to kick back? That does not in any way condone these actions, but perhaps, just perhaps, we reap what we sow.
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