Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The World Is Ours For The Taking.

           The world is one big corporate market place, where deals for profit for the few, shape the lives of the entire population. The quality of our lives depends on the decisions taken in the various boardrooms of the multi-billionaires. Needs of the people are not on their balance sheets. In most of the world's countries, charades are played out, called elections, where, if you fall for the illusion, you are lost in the fog of fantasy promises and pie-in-the-sky. The onslaught of mind-numbing propaganda leads you to believe that your "X" on a piece of paper will sort out your day to day problems.
          However, across the world, the charade is looking shabby, the smoke and mirrors of illusion is fading fast. Pick your country, and there are thousands on the streets, from the affluent West to the ultra-deprived, people are showing their anger at a system that syphons all our wealth up to a small cabal of parasites. As the numbers and the anger grows, the various so called "democratic" states show their raw brutality against their own people by savage repression. The states are punishing the people for the heinous crime of demanding change.
         If you can't see this as class war, you're living with your eyes closed, and your fingers in your ears. This growing anger can and will change this world for the better, but only if we link hands across those imaginary state created borders. A struggle against capitalism in some far flung corner of this planet, is our struggle, a student uprising in the East, is our struggle, a workers protest in the South, is our struggle. We are one people, the world is ours for the taking. The one thing that stops us enjoying all the fruits of our labour, the one thing that is the greatest attack on our conditions and our very survival, comes from this insane economic system called capitalism.

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